After great success in Saudi Arabia, First Group International explored an opportunity to expand within the region. In 1991, First Group International extended its resources to Dubai, United Arab Emirates and became one of the pioneers to be part of the rapidly growing and competitive economy that has altered and redefined business in the GCC and the wider Middle East regions.

From their base in Jeddah, the late Sheikh Hassan Abbas Sharbatly, the family patriarch grew the business during the initial period of economic development in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.  Late Sheikh Hassan made remarkable and generous contributions to Saudi Arabia’s society with their social development including education and cultural sectors and in many other notable philanthropic ventures.  With his distinguished involvement in the country’s social developments, His Majesty, the late King Abdul Aziz Al Saud, bestowed upon him the title of “His Excellency” as well as the title of Honorary Minister of State without Portfolio; a status that was first of its kind in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
Late Sheikh Hassan Sharbatly was the founder of many leading institutions like Riyadh Bank and Saudi Arabian Refineries Company (SARCO). He also left behind a portfolio of companies concentrated in real estate, automotive, commerce and trading sectors.

We are also equally proud to announce that our current Chairman, Sheikh Ibrahim Sharbatly has celebrated his 40 years of successfully growing family business.  He is also the current Deputy Chairman of AlNahla Group.

In 1975, Sheikh Ibrahim Sharbatly founded the Saudi Arabian Marketing & Agencies Company (SAMACO Group) (http://www.alnahlagroup.com/en/about/alnahla-group-history).

Since 1991, Sheikh Ibrahim Sharbatly has established successful businesses in various sectors and has deep roots in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.  His vision to be THE BEST in every aspects of his business venture is truly an inspiring story.